Camp Fires

Yes we agree having a Camp Fire is great way to make the most of your Narrawong Island Holiday. We want to make this as easy as possible for you to do. We have fire drums available for you to use on your site. Fire wood is also available at $15 a load. So make sure you bring along some Marshmallows. Get ready for some great conversations and some Camp Fire stories that might not be entirely true.

Of course there need to be some rules around how we use Camp Fires in the park so that we can all continue to have a good time. So read on for the rules and regulations.

The first thing we ask all guests is to be mindful of those around you and respect that we all have to share this wonderful space so place your fire drum in a place on your site that is safe, at least 2 metres from standing vegetation, and minimises disturbance to other park users. A wise person once said that common sense is not that common well when we talk campfires we kind of insist on common sense. If your fire looks like it will consistently smoke out your neighbour perhaps refrain from lighting your fire until the wind has changed or move the drum and invite the neighbours over for a cool drink or a cuppa!

Fires will be permitted by Park Management discretion – fires may not be permitted on all days – definitely No fires on Total Fire Ban days!

Firewood must be contained within the fire drum no overhanging timber please.

No Splitting or cutting of wood in the park.

Fires cannot be left unattended at any time.

You can bring your own wood but it must be split to size.

Ask office staff to have ash emptied into plastic bins.

If you want to bring your own fire drum please let staff know on arrival so that they can make sure that it complies with terms of use.

Most of all we want you to enjoy your time with us and we reckon there is nothing quite like a Camp Fire to help soak in the atmosphere of Narrawong Island Holiday Park.